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3 Tips for Building a Small Business Through Digital Marketing

Small businesses have a tremendous opportunity to drive traffic and sales through engagement online. When we look at the overall marketing for a small business, we often find outdated and underutilized websites and social media. A website is the first interaction a potential customer has with a brand, and it needs to be a good representation of what they can expect from the business. Engaging digital marketing builds a brand’s reputation and drives positive customer interaction. To create a better online presence, focus on our three tips for building a successful small business through digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Tips

So what exactly is digital marketing? Digital marketing is specialized marketing that promotes a business using the Internet and online-based digital technologies, including mobile devices and desktop computers. A few examples of digital marketing are: Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing or SEM. These marketing efforts make a business more competitive by increasing visibility to attract new customers and audiences. 

So what does it take to make a small business successful online? When we think about how a small business operates, we need to consider what they offer. Every business provides some type of product or service. Compelling digital marketing uses engaging images and content that draws the audience in and tells them more about the business. Here are the best ways to create digital marketing that captivates your audience:

  • Website

    Make a great impression! A website is often a customer’s first touch point (impression) with a brand. Put your best foot forward and make this interaction count! Be sure that the customer can:

    • Quickly identify what your business does – The first heading and paragraph near the top of your site should explain what you do.
    • Find your contact information, including social media platforms. 
    • Be prompted to take action like scheduling a call or a service – CTAs or Call-to-actions are a big way to make your website productive. These prompts tell the viewer to call, make appointments, sign up for more information, or email the business.
    • Interact with the business – The user should be able to see your most current projects and previous work. You also want users to learn more about business-related topics through blogs and YouTube videos.


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  • Content  Writing

    Constant updating to a website through new landing pages and blogs is the quickest way to drive visitors to your website. Blogs and the images included within the blog need to be optimized with tags that explain to Google and other search engines what your content is. This optimization, or SEO, points people searching for specific topics regarding content to your site and social media. Without posting new content, you limit yourself and your business to fewer opportunities to be found by viewers.


  • Social Media Marketing

    Showing up consistently actually matters. You hear it all the time, and we say it all the time, BUT what does it mean? Showing up is more than just posting every day at the same time and engaging with the same people. It is showing up regularly, diversifying who you engage with, and connecting and immersing yourself within your community. Engagement is how you gain more active followers, and those are the ones who share your content which expands your reach.

    As much as we always have tips and tricks on what works and what will not, sometimes social media is a gamble. Algorithms continually change, which can affect how the content will perform. Knowing that you are on the ideal hashtag set may seem impossible, but finding a few things that work CAN and WILL make you successful.

    The last thing to mention is scheduling your social media to maximize peak traffic times and to keep on top of posting. Meta Business can be an excellent platform for keeping your content organized directly from the source for Facebook and Instagram. Save time and stay organized by planning your stories and content creation with Meta Business Suite. Find out more about creating and scheduling your posts on Meta HERE.


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Social Media Tip: Be Your Authentic Self on Social Media 

Believe in yourself and your brand. It sounds simple, but we know it takes work to implement. Kirsty is big at creating mantras, so here is one you can follow, too, ” I am capable of doing.” Repeat this mantra while developing consistent content; it helps! Take the time to document your work. Take pictures, document the process, and schedule your content into a content calendar. It is easy to let the time pass between posting, so keeping on top of it is crucial to engagement and increasing followers.


How Express My Media Works with Small Businesses

Navigating through an ever-changing digital marketing landscape can be challenging. It is understandable how intimidating it can be for a small business owner. Don’t worry, we are here to help! We take on the technical aspects of marketing your business. We specialize in website management, emailing, newsletters, blogs, and content writing, and Kirsty is the social media marketing expert! Together you will be confident in our process, all while having fun! 

Are you a small business that wants to step up its marketing game?

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