gracious Home Interiors

Say Hi to Lori, the visionary Founder and Principal Designer behind Gracious Home Interiors, located in the heart of Charlotte, NC. Lori’s interior design firm distinguishes itself through a unique and empowering methodology dedicated to assisting clients in designing beautiful, fresh, relaxed, and modern interiors.



Lori has been in partnership with Express My Media, a dynamic marketing firm based in Charlotte, NC, since 2021. Throughout our three-year collaboration, we’ve successfully navigated through a rebranding process, the development of a new website, and a couple of strategic pivots as her goals and vision evolved.

What initially began as a simple request for Website Management and Social Media services has organically expanded to encompass a broader spectrum of support: from crafting New Client Guides and Lead Magnets to managing Google Business, creating engaging Blog Posts, curating Newsletters, overseeing Social Media, and more.

Lori’s journey with us has evolved into a beautiful, enduring partnership, and we couldn’t be more delighted!

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The Results

The latest project for Gracious Home Interiors was a transformative project focused on elevating the brand image to exude a sense of modernity and sophistication. This comprehensive rebranding initiative unveiled a new logo meticulously created to capture the essence of the business’s refined design aesthetic. The color palette got a facelift, shifting from the outdated teal to a more contemporary and elegant scheme. This meticulous process has modernized the visual identity and seamlessly aligned it with the business’s commitment to a neutral, modern, and chic design ethos.