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Meet David Rogers, the dedicated founder and expert builder at David Rogers Builders in the vibrant city of Charlotte, NC. With a commitment to excellence, David Rogers Builders stands out in luxury custom home construction, home additions, and remodeling. David Rogers ensures a personalized and organized building experience, making your dream home a true reflection of your unique style and needs.



David has partnered with Express My Media since 2022. Throughout our two-year collaboration, we’ve successfully navigated through a rebranding process, developed a new website, added a new blog to showcase the builder’s projects, and freshed up the photography with professional and drone photography.

What initially began as a simple request for Social Media services has organically expanded to encompass a broader spectrum of support: managing Google Business, creating engaging Blog Posts, overseeing Social Media, and more.

We love home building and residential design so working with David and his business has been fun and an adventure!

web design services by Express My Media for client, david rogers builders

The Results

Express My Media takes pride in showcasing the transformative journey of our collaboration with David Rogers Builders. When tasked with designing their website, our team approached the project with a commitment to not just create a visually appealing platform and encapsulating the essence of their craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. From crafting a seamless and organized user experience to curating engaging blog content articulating the brand’s values, we aimed to make the website an extension of David Rogers Builders’ dedication to turning dreams into reality. The site design mirrors the sophistication and expertise of their construction services, ensuring visitors experience the essence of luxury and precision.

At Express My Media, we believe in going beyond conventional web design crafting digital spaces that resonate with the ethos of the brands we collaborate with.