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How to Organize Your Business in 2023

Sarah and Kirsty here, and we want to thank you for being here and taking the time to read our first blog! As marketing consultants, we have been writing blogs for our clients for a long time and decided it was finally time to take the plunge ourselves. *Whispers… it’s probably time we practice what we preach.*


A Little Background on Express My Media

Sarah is an entrepreneur, wife, and mom of 3 and has lived in Charlotte, NC, since 2003 (20 years this year, I can’t believe it). She started Express My Media in 2015 and connected with local Charlotte businesses for marketing campaigns, rebranding, and more. Check out some of her older projects HERE

A little about Kirsty…she is a wife and mom to one sweet boy. She has lived on and off in Charlotte since 2005. She came on board in mid-2022 and brings expert experience in social media marketing from her brand as a social media content creator and affiliate worker. The two hit it off and now manage the marketing efforts for multiple brands, including social media management (scheduling and engagement), content curation, website management, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, blog writing, and more. 


What To Expect From Our Blogs

Two Things That We Will Share In Our Blogs

  1. Let’s talk about it: What’a New in Marketing
  2. Social Media Tips: Insider tips on social media platforms


Organizing Your Business – From Clients to Projects

The time to start is NOW. It’s the start of the New Year and time to start driving your business. We all have new goals, intentions, and even new responsibilities at the beginning of the year. How will you guarantee that you follow through to reach your goals? Get organized!


organizing your business with a marketing consultant in charlotte nc


First Step, Ask Yourself“When Am I The Most Productive Throughout The Day?”

The average workday is from 9 am-5 pm, but managing a small business can be done at different times. Your productivity could peak after lunch hours or in the evenings. Identifying these “sweet spots” for your workday can make you perform tasks more manageably and with more attention to quality. Whenever your “sweet spot” is, starting the day by addressing pressing and more complex tasks works best.


Project Management Tools Are A Life Saver

If you’re like us, scheduling and organization can make or break your day. One tool that we love to use is Trello! This platform allows you to organize your “to-do” lists into manageable tasks that you can check off when complete. It also lets you “tag” (in Social Media Terms) another collaborator when it’s their turn to manage a specific project. Trello can break down more significant projects into smaller tasks to help with your and your team’s overall productivity and organization.

Many project management tools offer free plans to get you started, whether you need something minimal or more comprehensive, like Many tools can help you keep your business organized; some can even double as a CRM tool (Customer relationship management) to manage your clients. A CRM is vital to keep engaging with your clients, managing leads, and building rapport with your potential clients. It is a software technology for managing your interactions and helps you build your email list.

Need some assistance or recommendations on CRMs or ways to improve business relationships? Send Express My Media a message! We work with businesses to find the perfect programs.


Social Media Tip: Schedule Your Social Media Marketing


Trying to get your marketing organized in the New Year? Express My Media is here to help, but if you want to give it a go, you can use Meta Business to schedule for Facebook and Instagram. Save time and stay organized by planning your stories and content creation with Meta Business Suite. Find out more about creating and scheduling your posts on Meta HERE.


organizing your business with facebook and instagram scheduling in charlotte nc


Express My Media, A Digital Marketing Agency In Charlotte, NC

Are you trying to get your small business marketing organized in the New Year? Express My Media is here to help! Need some assistance or recommendations on CRMs or ways to improve business relationships? Send Express My Media a message! We work with small businesses to find the perfect programs for your audience.

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