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What is Threads and Is It Needed For Your Business?

Just when you think you’ve dialed in the current algorithms on Meta platforms and figured out all of its features, Meta throws a brand new platform at us, Threads. This social media app has taken the digital landscape by storm and provides a mainly text-based user experience, just like its competitor, Twitter. Its meteoric rise as the fastest-growing social media platform to date makes the app so unique, so let’s dive in and discover the exciting potential of Threads for small businesses, brands, and creators!


The Quick Arrival of Threads

Many users were surprised to discover when they opened their Instagram app in early July and were invited to join this new platform. With an astonishing 100 million downloads within just ten days of its launch, Threads has quickly claimed the top spot as the fastest-growing social media platform to date. Its distinctive blend of Twitter’s text-based nature and the need for a new platform where Instagram’s aesthetics aren’t a top priority, and users can be more authentic and get away from the political and troll-like landscape Twitter has turned into recently. This appeal has captivated new users worldwide, and here at Express My Media, we’re excited about the possibility of giving our clients a new perspective of marketing on a new platform, but we’re still learning. Threads tap into Instagram’s existing 2.35 billion-strong user base instead of building from the ground up, giving a significant advantage as a new app.


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The Power of Text-Based Interactions

Say what you want, but keep it authentic, engaging, and under the character limit of 500. Threads embrace the beauty of concise yet meaningful conversations, and users can engage in discussions by replying to, reposting, and quoting others’ Threads posts. A unique feature of the app is that its integration with Instagram makes your Threads easily shareable on your Instagram stories leaving easy and seamless navigation. It’s important to note that with the changes around being Instagram Verified lately, those with verified Instagram accounts are automatically verified on Threads, again ensuring a seamless experience for many users.


Thriving on Authentic Connections

Our Digital Media Marketing Manager, Kirsty, is currently on Threads, and she’s seeing a big demand to keep the “Instagram aesthetics” over on Instagram and to embrace the raw-natured feelings that users want from brands, creators, and businesses they already support. Users are finding solace in the simplicity and depth of text-based conversations, and hope Threads will maintain its focus on deeper connections rather than succumbing to the allure of a highly curated platform. While Threads is a straightforward app, updates are on the horizon, driven by user feedback and expectations. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, did a post where he received over 7,000 support and user feedback comments. “…The real test is not if we can build up hype but if you all find enough value in the app to keep using it over time. And there are tons of basics missing, a following feed, graph syncing, fedeverse support, messaging maybe….” Leaving the Thread as “We’re on it. The amazing team is cranking away. But full disclosure, it’ll take time.” You can see his entire Thread on his profile HERE.


Who is on Threads?

Small businesses have already started taking advantage of this new platform posting behind-the-scenes verbiage like positive quotes, footage not seen elsewhere, or “unhinged” social media managers bringing a sense of humor, humility, and realness to the brand. Look at this designer’s profile, TheLittleDesignCorner, where she incorporates a mix of Threads to attract and engage with her community. Many brands are already taking advantage and are expected to hop on board. We don’t think this is just a trend but more an app here to stay. Several famous faces have also been using the app, including Sarah Jessica Parker and the proud CEO of Meta himself, Mark Zuckerburg


Threads by Meta with Mark Zuckerberg


Questions About Threads That Express My Media Can Answer

  • How do you follow all Instagram friends on threads? Because this app seamlessly integrates, you’ll be prompted right away with the option to follow all of your current Instagram followers.
  • How to share Threads on Instagram? From your Thread, tap the share button (this looks like a little paper airplane) and tap “Add to story.” 

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